Design a joyful life,
one tinybrave step at a time.


Design a joyful life,
one tinybrave step at a time.


Are you ready to be TinyBrave?

I'm building a secret society for Super Sensitive humans, where we hatch plans for a slow, quiet rebellion.

If you'd like to receive sporadic emails about what's happening next, please tell me a little bit about yourself and why you're here.

I'm super sensitive. My heart wants us to be brave - even when we feel afraid.


What does your heart want next?

We feel so freely. We hurt so deeply.

I'm fucking tired of spiritual porn that preys on people looking for hope. People like us.

I do believe that healing can be fun and even joyful - and I create programs to help it be that way for you.

The TinyBrave way is about taking ridiculously small steps, because too much too soon just overwhelms us.

My approach will have you doing things you thought would never be possible... and loving it.

(Seriously - it's called TinyBrave for a reason. These tiny moves actually feel possible to do, without having to flood your system or be someone you're not. This is healing and living for people like us.)

 Wherever you're at... TinyBrave is your safe, supportive, loving home - where you can finally relax and be as weird as you want.

I want to see how big your brave is. That's why I want you on the mailing list, because it's how you'll know what's happening next.

Welcome to TinyBrave.

big love


When will the next live program start?

I'm planning a small group program starting in September 2023. Now you're on the mailing list, you'll find out first when I lock in the dates (soon).

What kind of clearing work do you facilitate?

I'm a certified practitioner of The Compassion Key® and Non-Personal Awareness. I use both those toolsets in my work. I'm also studying to be a Nervous System Rewiring practitioner.

Why doesn't your website have more stuff?

TinyBrave has a tiny website that currently does one job - invites people to join the mailing list. There's more coming every month.

I'm not ready for a group program - will you offer short workshops too?

Yes! Stay tuned.

Hey - I'm Belinda.
Your Ringleader &
Number 1 Fan.


It's taken me a LONG time to understand and embrace extreme sensitivity. For years I couldn't figure out why my life still felt crappy even after doing SO MUCH INNER WORK! I was convinced there must be something seriously wrong with me. But discovering the power of simply noticing what's happening in my body opened up real change for me. Now I help other humans reclaim sensitivity as a superpower and get on with building the world of your dreams.

courage is grace under pressure

Ernest Hemingway